Fashion Revolution

April 21, 2014

Who made your clothes? Who picked the cotton, spun the thread, cut the fabric and sewed your t-shirts, jeans or bag? is remembering the terrible Rana Plaza tragedy doing something to prevent another tragedy. They're saying enough is enough, urging consumers to ask designers and fashion companies for answers. On April 24, turn your clothing inside out and ask, who made your clothes? --  Last November, we wrote a blog post about sustainable marketplaces, including Zady recently took out this full page ad in the Wall Street Journal as one way to help slowly change the fashion industry that has become "fast fashion" of throw-away clothes.   You already express who you are by what you wear and buy. Now... Continue Reading →

Feeling like Summer

April 08, 2014

Some of us are lucky enough to live by the beach. Others dream of their toes in the sand on days like these. Today it is hovering in the 90's in Los Angeles. It feels like a great day to curl up in the sun with a good book, one that keeps on turning. Enjoy today, wherever you may be.   Any guesses? It is not Los Angeles, and you will need your passport unless you are French.  Relaxing in the sand and sun with dikokore.  Continue Reading →


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